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    Use your stationary turrets to defend against various enemies. In this game, the points you gain by defeating enemies can be lost by letting them pass, using bullets, or purchasing upgrades. Manage your points wisely. If they drop to 0, you lose.

    This game was uploaded as an entry to Stride’s Longest Lasting Game Contest. If you have any issues or feedback at all, please feel free to post in the game comments or send bug reports. The game itself could still use a bit of work.UpdatesUpdate 12/27/09

    - Added a confirmation message when returning to the title from in-game.
    - Added explosion animations when enemies die.
    Update 12/24/09
    - Fixed a bug that played two music tracks simultaneously.
    - Added a “Return to Title” button in the pause menu.
    - Changed in-game music to a unique track created by misk. Check it out. =)

    Update 12/23/09
    - New “Achievements” statistic reporting in-game awards earned
    - Added Sounds
    - Berserkers’ speed lowered significantly
    - Medium and Hard difficulties decreased


2FG Mobilr