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    In Progress : The Game, you gain money automagically, which you can use to buy things. There are also achievements which open up some small awards when you have gained enough of them.

    Now, what to do while idling is up to you. You can go out, walk, do some math or chat with your friends, just leave the game open!UpdatesIt’s very unlikely at the moment that this game will receive any further updates, the game simply became too much of a hassle to update for various reasons ranging from poor coding to lack of inspiration. I’ll still keep making games and I have been recently working very hard to make a really good game, hopefully something I tried to achieve with SMUPG.

    If you are having problems with saving :
    - UPDATE YOUR FLASH PLAYER. No, I don’t mean if it is 10 or not, the more specific version number.
    - Try lowering the security settings in IE.
    - Try right-clicking in the game, select Settings > Local Storage > move the slider all way to right (Unlimited)
    - take regular backups of your .sol files
    - Use Firefox 3.5, it doesn’t seem to have any problems with saving over new updates
    - Be careful when clearing history files on your browser
    - IE probably doesn’t save correctly/at all. The solution to this is use an another browser, which in the most cases makes everything better anyway. The only way to fix the IE bug would be probably to send countless death threats to Micro$oft, but that doesn’t sound too nice.
    - Try turning the autosave off and using only manual saves


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