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    Quest of Waffleman: The Tower of Seasons (demo)
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    For the past month, people have been asking me to make more games. What they don’t understand is that games take time to make. I had been working on this game all along but the constant nagging of people is sucking the fun out of making games. That is why this is the last game I will be submitting to Kongregate. As of today, I am a developer no more. I do not think I will ever make the complete version of this game. It is too much work for one person alone. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the demo for Quest of Waffleman: The Tower of Seasons.

    “And in the end, the skies went black. The world was forever changed as we spiraled into destruction. But there was one who would not accept this fate. He dared to challenge a God when nobody else would. He would go down in history as the savior of us all. We will never forget that Waffle.”


2FG Mobilr