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    Reys Quest 7: Fighter Rey!! (KL)
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    Oh, no! It seems that Thaddius read the Kongregate “Shootorial” and designed a Warship with which to take over the world! But here comes Rey, transforming into a ship with his mighty Pixel Power!! But will it be enough to take down Thaddius and his evil minions?? Only you can help!! Fight, Rey, fight!! Pew pew pew! Ker-POW!! Ka-blooey! KA-PLODSES!! Pa-tew-tew-tew! PRINGLE POWER!! Its so much action you’d have to rip out your brainstem and skip rope with it to experience the same spine-tingling thrill! So go on and fight!

    ATTENTION EVERYONE: Whoops! Sorry everyone, but I have to re-submit this because I want this game to be eligible for the Kongregate Labs contest but I forgot to submit it on the Kong Labs webpage. Since I can’t delete the other one, I’m forced to re-submit this game. Well, enjoy nonetheless!


2FG Mobilr