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    Ring Pass Not 2
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    The new version of “Ring Pass Not” is here!

    We have worked on Ring Pass Not 2 for quite a while now improving everything you, the players, wanted to be improved. There are now save options, a few rule changes, a better tutorial, and an extra game mode.
    It also has improved graphics, sounds, and texts, and voice-overs (we’re obviously excited…).

    We hope you enjoy the game!Updates02.08.10 We added explanations in the bonus tools page like everyone requested. We also fixed a few bugs and put a mute option in the right click menu.

    01.29.10 Replay & New Game features (update)
    After going with the advice of some of the players and adding 3 lives we had some bug fixing to do. It all works now. We also added more options for starting a new game. You can now start all over, or from a specific save point. The advanced music options in the downloadable version were also fixed.

    01.16.10 Replay!!!
    After thinking a lot about the replay issue (replay option will make the game a case of not advancing to the next level until getting a set that gives you tons of bonuses) we decided to go with the advice of some of you and add lives. In the version we just uploaded you get 2 replays each game, so it’s a total of 3 lives per game. Waiting for your comments… Thanks everyone!


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