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    Shattered Colony: The Survivors
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    Defeat the zombies while managing multiple resources in this hybrid RTS game. Infinite number of maps! Try a random map after the campaign. Browse player made maps.UpdatesReleased 1.7: * Improved pathfinding. Let me know if it helps. * Fix some save/load game issues. Old save games are invalidated. This does not affect custom maps. * More variety in survivor sprites now. * Miscellaneous small fixes. --- Released 1.6: * Improved online map browsing. You can sort by fun/recent/difficulty. Rate the maps you play so that the sorting is meaningful! :) Released 1.5: * Shift-click on + or - changes quota by 5 * + and - keys are hotkeys now * They change boards on barricades * They change survivors on other towers * Added Gather Resources button which tells your survivors to gather resources at a depot for a short time. * Added online map browser (first cut). Rate broken/bad maps down and fun maps up! --- Released 1.4: * Made survivors a bit smarter * Added auto-save to map editor (use Continue Map in edit menu) * Fixed briefing screen * Fixed disappearing survivors * Fixed map editor (white screen, trees) * Tweaked Resource Distribution --- Released 1.3: * Fixed tree-in-house * Attempted to fix stuck at main menu problem (I cannot reproduce) * Survivors flee to depots only now * Fixed survivor total bug * Integrated with Kongregate stats API --- Released 1.2: * Fixed zombipedia * Now worker sprites are more varied --- Released 1.1: * Fixed save/load issues (I am auditing this code again to forestall other problems) * Increased ammo on random maps.


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