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    Ship Blasters
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    This is a Beta

    This is a game featuring exclusively kid designed content. All art and sound graciously provided by my children. All bugs and rough edges provided by me.

    [Edit] Thanks for the feedback, I’m working on a new version.Updates[Update 0.4]
    Added a new ship type that dodges up and down
    Made powerups easier to see (and read)
    Added effects for powerup health and nukes
    Added a frame around the health bar

    [Update 0.3]
    Added a new ship type that shoots in your direction
    Added a Pause button (the P key)
    Fixed a bug that made a wall of enemies spawn
    Removed the randomization of laser sounds
    Changed the start screen (this is still a work in progress though)

    [Update 0.2]
    Added a mute all (“N”, “M” mutes the music)
    Added a start screen and start button
    Fixed a missing ‘play again’ screen bug introduced in 0.1

    [Update 0.1]
    Added a simple preloader
    Removed the ability to fly outside of the screen
    Fixed a bug which caused the difficulty to not reset when playing a new game.


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