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    Simple Maze Game
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    My first ever game, made completely with LiveSwif 2.2 using AS1.
    -15 levels in the main game
    -8 hidden levels
    – 10 hidden “kongregate easter eggs”

    Please do not leave comments saying this game sucks unless you have personally made a game better then it.

    Please use the bug report feature if you find any bugs E.G. going to the wrong screen, going to a “dead” screen, ECT.

    P.S. If you have the greasemonkey full sized script, use it it’s much easier in it.

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    UPDATE The click and drag bug has been fixed, thanks to everyone for reporting it.

    Thanks everyone for the very nice comments! Just thought I should mention that because the program I am using [LiveSwif] doesn’t allow global variables. Without being able to use global variables I can’t put an achievement system in, otherwise I would in an instant. Sorry guys!


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