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    Slice: Fortress Defence
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    Fight hordes of monsters trying to scale your Fortress walls.
    Play Slice Fortress Defense 2

    This is my second Flash game, and my first written without the Flash IDE. I used FlashDevelop and AS3 and for graphics I used Curvy 3D 2.0 a fast and easy sketch based modeller

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      Thanks for the comments – they will help a lot on the next game!

    Pause & Mute buttons are now included in v1.6

    I deliberately balanced the game to last 70-80 or so levels – so you can just get the high cost units before you die. Would you prefer level 80 to equal a win & end game? In future I want to add multi levels and several difficulty modes as well as the current ‘endless’ mode.

    v 1.7 – The game is now playing closer to how I imagined it. Oil slows down enemies, Swordsman locks enemies in combat, Blue mage shoots chain lightning with longer chains dealing more damage, red mage can multi-cast fireballs, Necromancer has a small chance of causing instant death – Enjoy!

    Plus – You don’t HAVE to collect hearts anymore – they auto-collect… but if you DO collect them you get the health a little sooner ;)Updatesv1.6 Added Pause and Mute buttons
    v1.7 Added special abilities + new graphics to units, Hearts auto-gather.
    v1.8 Fixed Infinite Slow&Stun
    v1.9 Enemies resist Necro attacks
    v1.91 Added HighScores


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