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    Slug Designer 2
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    The sequel to Slug Designer is here, and it’s bigger and better in every way.

    Slug Designer 2 sacrifices the pointless Life Stories from the original Slug Designer for something even better – WAY MORE slug customization and features.

    But what do you do in Slug Designer 2? Simple. You design little cartoon slugs. But they’re not just simple cartoon slugs – with Slug Designer 2 you can create a slug that looks like almost anybody, or anything. Celebrities. Your friends. Your cat. If it has a face, it can most likely be made into a slug, right here, in Slug Designer 2.

    But that’s not all – you can even share your slugs with your friends with the Slug Code system! When you save a slug, you are given a code that you can then copy and paste wherever you like – an email to a friend, your blog, a public comments section, whatever, and then whoever copies that code and pastes it into Slug Designer 2 can see your beautiful slug creation!

    And if you’re not feeling very creative, just hit the Random button, and presto! A randomized slug just for you!

    Have fun!

    *Slug Codes from the original Slug Designer are not compatible with this version, and vice versa.


2FG Mobilr