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    SoundShare Beta
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    The revolutionary new way to communicate on kongregate is here. Now, create and browse audio recordings on kong! Use the simple interface to record a message, listen to others’ messages or save a message as a wav file.

    Have a sound you want to share with people? Just give them the link you get when you save your sound on kongregate. Example)http://www.kongregate.com/games/BobTheCoolGuy/soundshare-beta?sound=275517

    Note: This is the beta version and it may still have a few bugs. Feel free to leave ideas for the final version and let me know about any bugs

    Possible features in final release:
    Longer audio recording limit
    Sound distortion
    Sound quality controls
    Ability to have sound viewable by only specified kong users
    More options
    UpdatesI really would like to make a final version with the features listed above, but it’s been delayed for now, until I can find a way for a longer recording time.


2FG Mobilr