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    Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy
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    Free roaming, action packed, top down, space RPG. Either playing for Humans or Aliens, battle your way up the ranks by doing various types of missions, buying and upgrading ships, buying and installing a large range of weapons and utilities, creating gangs, mining asteroids, and also fighting against real people from around the world in the multiplayer sectors (MP sectors now removed). There is a large galaxy to explore, divided into 400 sectors containing space stations, planets, black holes, worm holes and more. UpdatesDue to hackers ruining everything, SF:DG is now single player only and will remain here for badge purposes. I am no longer supporting this game and cannot guarantee that the accounts won’t all be deleted again, but I have spent all morning improving security, so hopefully that will help.

    I have decided that it would be much better for me to spend my time on new projects rather than trying to keep this old game alive. I hope to release a sequel at some point in the future, with much imporved security, so lookout for it. If you want to discuss it or keep in touch with the veterans, then please come and join my forum at: www.benoldinggames.co.uk


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