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    Stick Hero Idle 2
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    Description :

    A game where you watch your hero fight his(actually her) way through lots and lots of enemies.

    You can buy her new equipment, boosty potions and activate different modes.

    UpdatesAdded modes and some other stuff:

    Looter mode: Autopics loot, but with only 20% rewrd. Doesn’t pick rare items.

    Experience mode: Deactivates GP mode, Doubles EXP gain and reduces GP gain to 0%.

    Money mode: Deactivates EXP mode,
    Doubles GP gain and reduces EXP gain to 0%.

    Rage mode: Deactivates Tank mode, Doubles STR grow on lv up, but decreases DEF and HP grow a lot.

    Tank mode: Deactivates Rage mode, Doubles DEF grow and incrases HP grow on lv up, but decreases STR grow a lot.

    All but Looter mode costs 200gp to activate.


2FG Mobilr