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    Classic shooter with upgradable system and perks, multiple levels and bosses.

    You are the ace pilot of your planets aero defense, when one day the Army of the Unknown being called Stribog attacked your planet and abducted several of your people.. you have been forced to unleash your battle and flying war skills against the greatest threat in your dimension.

    You have many upgrades to choose from and can upgrade and select 3 different perks per mission out of 5 upgradeable perks. You also have the ability to upgrade all weapons passively to use throughout the game.

    Fixes Made June 5 2010:

    - Upgrade button bug fixed

    - Scene save mode fixed (when play on lower scene, the saved scene still unlocked)

    - You can also use ASDW for the movement, and Shift key for shoot.

    Note: The diagonal movement issue has been discussed on mochimedia before, it’s the limitations of the players keyboard, something along the lines of too many buttons being pressed at one given time.


2FG Mobilr