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    Cute, pachinko/peggle style physics puzzle game.

    4 game modes: Adventure (normal), Kid mode (a frustration free mode for relaxed play/kids), and two unlockable modes: Survival and Time attack
    44 highly varied levels with bombs, bumpers, cannons, lava, keys/doors, animated and physical walls, multiple launch positions, etc. Please note: You have to play the Adventure mode to see all levels. In the other modes, all the levels that don’t fit the mode’s specific gameplay style, are not appearing in the playtrough. For example in Kid mode the levels which requires precise aiming skills or clever indirect/ricochet shots, which could frustrate a younger/less skilled player, are removed.
    Several bonuses during gameplay: Ghost, Multiplier+, Grow, Shrink, Score+, Life+, Split, Split All


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