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    Super Business Multimedia Fighter Brawl!!
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    This was just a little side project I was working on for some friends of mine back in my Business Multimedia class. Alot of the attacks are based off of inside jokes between us. There are a few that I feel I should explain:

    When Tyler transforms into the blue lizard thats flipping you off, its a reference to a drawing he made in MS Paint. It was the crappiest thing ever, yet he made it seem like it was the best thing in existence.

    Nathan is fluent in German although he is not from Germany. He is nuts about ROTC and follows orders like a lemming. Or like a Nazi, perhaps?

    Ashley is the biggest tease I know. You really shouldn’t talk so much about your breasts if you are never going to show them, Ashley.

    As for Meepo, I am awesome and can shoot laser beams out of my beanie. See my other game “Resident Evil 4: TBC” for the reference.


2FG Mobilr