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Game Info

    Super Ninja Sack Attack
  • Description :
    The aim is to show off your Ninja skills and collect all the power-ups scattered all over the different platforms as soon as possible.
    You have to use your grapple to cling to the platforms and collect the power-ups. Throw your ninja sack to trap the guards and push them off the high platforms to kill them.


    Move Left : Left Arrow Key
    Move Right : Right Arrow Key
    Adjust Grapple/Sack Angle : Up and Down Arrow Keys
    Jump : Space Bar
    High jump : Hit Space Bar 3 Times Shoot and Clinch Grapple : Hold Ctrl Key
    Adjust Grapple Length : Up and Down Arrow Keys while Holding Ctrl
    Shoot Ninja Sack : Shift Key


2FG Mobilr