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    Super Smashteroidz
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    Blast your way through the arcade style shooter SMASHTEROIDZ! A retro shooter style game with an interesting twist…

    Something is strange in your mundane monochromatic world… Strange entities from other game universes have started to enter your own. Time to show them what being a Smashteroid Smasher is all about!

    And as a plus, it seems that some of the Power-Ups from these games have managed to find there way into your universe! This should aid in slaying those un-welcome visitors!

    Also there is a bonus mode achieved when unlocking all of the “In Game” achievements… And after that… the Smashteroidz world might not be so black and white… or should we say ; green and black anymore…

    This game is an homage to some of my favorite classic games. I hope you enjoy it!UpdatesShip Speed has been reduced slightly by popular demand :)

    Also changed the particle dither default to be a bit lower (looks A LOT better)

    remember at anytime you can press [P] to get less particles, and better performance.


2FG Mobilr