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    Super Xtreme 5 Minute Shoot Em Up
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    PRO-TIP > Your missiles won’t be able to kill enemies alone, your main shots do more damage!

    Got 5 Minutes of Break Time? Got a friend over but don’t know what to play? Simple! Load up Super Xtreme 5 Minute Shoot Em Up and blast your way through its explosive 5 minute classic-shooter goodness. Gain in-game achievements as you play if you have more than 5 minutes to spare!

    Want to Download the Main Theme? Simply go here and download for free : http://uploading.com/files/651NXSHX/Fierce%20Flight.zip.html

    Programming – Coolio-Niato
    Art – Xelu
    Music – MaestroRageUpdatesScreen Cutoff Fixed
    Mute Button added in-game (bottom left)
    Fixed domain error issue.
    Fixed 2-player, 1-dies, 2nd can’t move bug.


2FG Mobilr