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    Telepath RPG Chapter 2
  • Description :

    Take the role of a powerful Psy Soldier forced into a civil war in the mysterious Shadowlands! With 10 playable characters, dozens of NPCs and fun tactical battles, hundreds of lines of dialog, and multiple endings, Telepath RPG Chapter 2 is one of the most ambitious single player RPGs ever made in Flash. If you don’t like it, you probably haven’t played it long enough. ;)

    Set graphics to low and turn off level shadows if the game runs slow.

    New version: 1.03. The nice folks at Kongregate updated the game manually for me, so you shouldn’t have lost any saved games. Hopefully there’ll be badges coming for TRPG2 soon!UpdatesNEWS!!! I’ve released a special version of Telepath RPG Chapter 2 on SinisterDesign.net, featuring smarter enemies, tons of new battles, and a new playable character. If you were a fan of the original TRPG2, you’ll probably like the new one even more. :)


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