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    TextRPG: The Rise of Diablo
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    A classic low-graphic button RPG!
    Includes lots of levels, weapons, and enemies!UpdatesHelp with the Sequel! Visit the Collaborations Thread at http://www.kongregate.com/forums/8/topics/35701. Alternatively, play the demo, and whisper/shout me feedback. Demo link: http://pimgdtextrpg.webs.com/ttpthirddemo.htm

    Latest releases:
    v1.354 and v1.353 – I fixed some typos.
    v1.352 lots of stuff updated. Looked through some of my old code, and made it faster (adding else-if to a load of if statements). Added FAQ.
    v1.351: Areas are now Dynamically unlocked! (By quest)
    v1.350: I added a “Autosave Successful” thing that will notify you of the autosave. Besides that, I also added an I/O check, which will return an error if saving fails.
    v1.349: Fixed the treasure chest bug of doom. It made getting the staff or armor
    impossible if you only need the staff or the armor to complete the set.
    So, yes, the big load of whining is not a big load of whining at all; It’s me failing. _
    v1.348: Well, I decided to end some big load of whining by increasing the chance of
    Legendary items from treasure chests – an increase of ~0.05% chance for each digit
    in the number found (1 = 1 digit, 10 = 2 digits, 100 = 3…), on top of the 5%.
    I also added some extra sitelock like system – if you are a guest and you can’t play,
    please send an email to Pimgd@hotmail.com.
    v1.347: Fixed some flickers in bars and achievements, and added new potion images!
    v1.346: Buying in bulk at Potions R us!
    Use increase to increase the amount buying and decrease to… well, you know.


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