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    The Ashes
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    For Player 1

    Normal Shot: L
    Attacking Shot: K
    Arrow Keys: Up, Right, Left, Down

    For Player 2

    Normal Shot: B
    Attacking Shot: V
    Keys: W, S, A, D,

    1. Use the directional keys to choose which direction to play your shot.
    2. The red target shows where the ball will pass.
    3. When the circle says hit! press normal shot or attacking shot.

    Bowling (for 2-player only)

    W, S, A, D,
    1. use the directional keys to position your bowling marker. press any of your shot buttonsto place it.

    W, A, D,
    2. As the bowler runs in you have a limited amount of spin applied to the ball using the directional keya.

    Fielding (for 2-player only)

    1. Your fielder will be highlighted with a coloured circle.Use the directional keys to control him. 2. He will automatically pick up and throw the ball back, or catch it if in the air.


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