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    The Codex of Alchemical Engineering
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    As an Alchemical Engineer, you must build machines out of mechanical arms and magical glyphs that transform and combine atoms in order to create the compounds required for each level.UpdatesUpdate (1.05): Added additional checking to loading in saved design.

    Update (1.04): As far as I can tell, this should fix the lag bug. I tested it with Flash running at low thread priority, all of my CPUs maxed out to 100% usage, and was able to build the Elixir of Life and Black Powder without a single glitch.

    Update (1.03): I fixed a bug where a multi-atom compound would sometimes rotate randomly when held by multiple manipulators. I’ve also added a 15th level (it’s hard!) and slightly increased the speed of the simulation.

    Update (1.02): I’ve revised the help pages and added them to pop-up at the beginning of the game so people can find them easier.

    If you’re still lost, though, consider watching this tutorial video by MrRubix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPqUQtfe9-4

    Update (1.01): I’ve added two efficiency achievements, minimum cycles and minimum symbols, for each level. It’s optimizing time!


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