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    The Hard Badge: Issue #1
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    Welcome to the first ever edition of “The Hard Badge”, Kongregate’s brand-new user-run Newsletter, in an easy to use flash!

    Our mission is to be your one-stop weekly update on everything you might want to know about Kongregate, covering topics from update help to badge help, and game reviews to interviews!

    Don’t let our rudimentary design fool you: The Hard Badge will be improving from week to week as our flash skills improve so it can be even more enjoyable for you to use.

    Don’t see a type of article you want to read about? Let us know, and we just might include it in the next issue!

    All that’s left to be said is this: Thank you for showing an interest and we hope you enjoy this, your very first Hard Badge.Updatesv1.3: Table of Contents Introduced! We’ll be improving the appearance soon, hopefully.

    v1.2: A few other tiny fixes to various small problems.

    v1.1: The Hard Badge now includes Kongregate API: let your friends know that you’ve read it!

    We’ve also made a few minor appearance changes.


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