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    The Hard Badge: Issue #2
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    Welcome to the second edition of “The Hard Badge”, Kongregate’s brand-new user-run Newsletter, in an easy to use flash, now featuring images within articles!

    Our mission is to be your one-stop bi-weekly update on everything you might want to know about Kongregate, covering topics from update help to badge help, and game reviews to interviews!

    We apologize whole-heartedly for the delay with this issue: in order to prevent unexpected delays like this happening in the near future, we’re changing our release schedule to bi-weekly until we can be sure of getting a weekly release out without similar troubles.

    Also, currently, design/appearance improvements are amongst the highest priority things to improve upon, so hopefully The Hard Badge will become more visually appealing before too long.UpdatesInterested in writing for The Hard Badge?

    If so, check out our writer-search: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1/topics/44469


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