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    The Idle RPG
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    Slay monsters, sell loot, buy weapons, and level up without having to move a finger. There are 10 classes, 8 races and 3 save files. Have fun.UpdatesUpdate 5:
    Hold space in battle to commit suicide.

    Update 4:
    Your hero will now take into consideration his hit chance when choosing whether or not to cast spells. Also, a few more minor bugs fixed.

    Update 3:
    I am almost certain I fixed the lag problem this time! If not, then I’m not sure whats causing it. Also, a few more typos corrected.

    Update 2:
    High level lag problem and undefined equipment problem (hopefully) fixed. Other grammar/spelling errors fixed.

    Update 1:
    I fixed some typos, including changing ‘your’ to ’you’re’. (I feel stupid for not seeing that…)

    I also made later levels work better, though some of you high level people won’t notice some of it until you level up again.

    Some people seem to be confused with how spells work. Only four of the spells can be cast in battle (Fireball, Heal, Poison and Ice Arrow). All the others either boost stats or some other value like exp or gold gain. If the character finds one of his offensive spells to be too weak, he/she will not cast it. (For example, if your hero gets ‘Fireball I’ at a high level and would do more damage with an ordinary attack, he/she won’t cast it.)


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