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    The Legend of the Golden Robot
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    Take on the role of artefact hunter and all round hero, Indigo Steve, in this epic adventure. Battle mythical creatures and evil wizards, dig up exciting treasures, play bar games against drunk Vikings, fight alongside little critter friends that you discover along your quest, and much more.UpdatesHuge thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the game and has deemed it worthy of your vote! We got 2nd place in the monthly competition thanks to you and we really appreciate it. You’re awesome! (Unless you gave it a 1. Then you’re less awesome although still entitled to your opinion even if you are wrong…)

    Just a couple of small things:

    - Firstly thanks everybody for the nice ratings and getting us on the front page. Keep it up and hopefully we’ll get badges soon! Your comments and ratings are what make making games so worthwhile so thanks so much for those, they are much appreciated.

    - If you draw with Brian it counts as a loss for you because you have to gamble higher or lower… a draw is neither so you lose, better luck next time!

    - Artefact is an accepted spelling of the word. Artifact is apparently the more common American spelling but I’m British and am therefore sticking with the English spelling.

    - The winged boots issue has been fixed, no more easy cheat available there I’m afraid!


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