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    The Stippler
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    Basically, a drawing program for when you’re feeling bored or creative. Stippling is simply creating a picture using only dots. It’s kind of time-consuming if you want to make a great picture…UpdatesGet your Stippler piece added to an upcoming game: Find out more here (http://www.kongregate.com/forums/5/topics/48311)

    Drag to place multiple dots slowly. =D Save yourself from carpal tunnel.

    You can also post your stipplework here (http://www.kongregate.com/forums/5/topics/33622) thanks to Everlovely. =D

    New updates:
    Thanks to Tuul in Sloth, the interface is much more user-friendly, and a nice little save feature has been added. Just remember (or write down) the names of your files so that you don’t lose them. =D


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