A computer company got an order for one computer to be delivered to a school.

A few days later when a guy from the computer company arrives at the school with the new computer he sees that the school is about ten stories tall.

He enters the school and goes to the office. They tell him that it is to be delivered to a classroom on the top floor and that there are no stairs. He then starts the long ascent of the very tall shcool.

Many minutes later, he arrives at the top floor. He locates the classroom and knocks on the door. A very chipper looking teacher answers the door and says: 'Ah class, the computer has finally arrived!'. The teacher indicates to the man to set the box down on a table nearby and invites him to stay for a demonstration.

The man accepts and stays as he watches the teacher set the computer up. He notices though that the teacher does not plug the computer in the wall. Intrigued, he continues to watch as the teacher picks the whole computer up and walks to a window with the computer in hand.

The teacher then asks a student to open the window. Once the window opened, the teacher drops the computer out the window and the whole class flocks the other windows to see what happens.

The man meanwhile is stunned at what the teacher had just done and he would be even more stunned at what the teacher was about to say: 'You see class, a computer is much faster then a pencil and a piece of paper!'