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    Tower of Greed
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    Your goal is to escape the infamous Tower of Greed, while collecting as many valuable gems as possible. There is an exit on every 5th floor, so you may choose when and where you wish to exit with your wealth. Be careful, though, not to let your greed overwhelm you. After all, money and death don’t mix.UpdatesFor all of you who love Tower of Greed’s awesome music, you can download it and toss it on whichever magical tech device you so choose.


    Update 1.0.7 – - – - -

    Added a fix for the offset floor numbers that many people have been experiencing. Now upon exiting the tower, your floor is rounded up to the nearest multiple of 5.

    Update 1.0.6 – - – - -

    Fixed Kongregate stat reporting. Thanks to all those who reported this bug. Trophy count, High Score, and Highest Floor should now all report properly in the High Scores tab of the Kongregate Chat pane.


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