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    Ultimate Kongregate Quiz
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    Ever wonder if you really know all of Kongregate? Prove to yourself with this quiz! The Ultimate Kongregate Quiz is here! This is the extension of the Kongregate Standard Quiz. Challenge yourself to these 100 questions, covering from all aspects of Kongregate. These include history, games, badges, basic coverage, advanced information, basic aspects of the game, and even random questions out of Kongregate. Some are easy, others will be challenging, and others will require insane logic to answer the questions.

    This game was written in Actionscript 3.0, and is my second game written in this language. Over 1800 lines of code has been established to ensure maximum performance of the game. Over 500 buttons were made so no question would be left out.
    An official walkthrough has been made and can be found here. http://www.kongregate.com/forums/3/topics/49965
    Read the walkthrough at your own risk.


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