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    Voidgale Arena
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    Protect your NESTS from hundreds of enemies, while fortifying your defense by settling sentries, upgrading Reavers (and sentries), repairing NESTS, and increasing your proficiency with your weapon.

    The instruction is all in the game tutorial.

    If you’ve played original Voidgale before, this is NOT the sequel. Consider that original Voidgale as an “experimental game” and Voidgale: Arena is the full version. Sorry i didn’t submit from my last account, this is my new account :)

    The graphics, programming, and audio (except the Voice act – it’s not my sound) is generally done by me. Well, expect a one-man-show game, heh…

    ==== [WARNING] This game was designed to be extremely fast (Well, depends on your PC), hectic, and hard. Many say so. Multi-tasking skill + Excellent Hands - Eyes coordination required. ====UpdatesSorry! Looks like there’s a problem in the online leaderboard… will fix it soon.


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