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    Walkinator is a nifty little sandbox toy which started out as a school project. I was so pleased with how it came out, that I decided to share it with everyone.Updates-added much requested resume generation feature to creature viewer. You can also resume generation on other people’s creations.(Note: creations made before this feature was implemented will say generation 0 when you resume them, but other than that they work just fine)
    -added Double Stability option to creature creator. This will improve physics simulation stability(stronger bones, less ground penetrating) at the cost of generation speed.
    -Psuedo-Threaded creature tester phase. This should make it not lock up and freeze when generating complex creatures.
    -Tweaked rendering settings in creature viewer to improve performance on older machines.(It will look slightly different but the performance increase is well worth it).
    -Implemented stats API, now shows leaderboards for highest performing creature generated that you made.


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