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    Wings of Genesis
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    Set in the same universe with the Original Ge.ne.sis game, Wings of Genesis is a side-scrolling shooting game with a heavy touch of RPG influence. Players can pick one of the 3 main characters to begin the adventure and blast through waves of bosses and enemies!

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    Wings of Genesis Guide

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    Trailer for Wings of GenesisUpdatesLatest Update:(Again!)
    + I added the beast chart into the game. You can now access it by clicking on the Evolution Chart in Beast menu.
    + Character hit box is slightly smaller now =)
    + Yay. I finally pinned down the weird Leo bug and fix it. Thank you for the info guys and gals!
    + I fixed the issue of using items after dead. Working on a few other features according to the reports =)
    + We are getting badges soon, guys!
    + According to popular demands, alternate control keys has been added. Now you can also use Z to N Keys instead of 1-6. The control options are displayed when you pause the game. Enjoy!
    +The “unable to switch weapon and auto fire after transfer” bug has been fixed.
    +Many people seem to have problem with the beasts not following the mouse fast enough. It is because the movement speeds are based on agility and types of beast you ride. However, to enchant player experience, I have raised the general movement speed by 50%. Enjoy =)!

    +Attack Spamming by clicking left-mouse repeatedly has bug has been fixed! No more cheating for you guys!
    +Also, Beasts no longer eat stones after they have reached level 5. No more stones wasted.
    + Auto-attack features has been added due to popular demands.
    + Contrast between characters, bullets and backgrounds has been improved.
    Thank again for the reports. Please keep them coming =)


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