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    A dice game of great skill (and a little luck) where winning is all about knowing when to take the points and when to take a chance.UpdatesSome useful blog posts about the CPU players, why it’s all random and why Realist takes single dice. Also, I’m bored with people saying it’s rigged. You try to make a fun game that you enjoy playing and people hurl abuse and vitriol at you for making it fair.

    Want to know what all the awards are?

    Fixed bugs: 500 points for three pairs bug, CPU sticking bug, who goes first bug, menu screen bug, reverse winner bug, 443322 bug, improved multi option behaviour, 333322 bug, game log.

    Found a bug?
    1. Make sure you’re playing at least build 4443-adatch
    2. Read the blog entries above, it might not be a bug
    3. Press L to copy the game log to your clipboard, paste the last 40 or so lines into a text file
    4. Press C to copy the CPU log to your clipboard, paste the last 40 or so lines into that text file too
    5. Send me the contents of that text file

    I’m trying to track down the bug where the CPU jams for no good reason, the more logging info you can provide, the better.


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