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    Zombies Took My Daughter!
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    -A randomly generated city is created everytime you play, so you will never play the exact same game twice! Find clues to your daughters location, and save her from the zombie infested city. -Procedural side quests, including rescuing fellow survivors, eliminating fugitives, and collecting supplies. -30+ weapons, including axes, baseball bats, handguns, submachine guns, rifles, a chainsaw, a rocket launcher, and a variety of other weapons!Updatesv1.0.0.1 released! MAJOR FIXES: ---------------- - The notorious 100% and no daughter bug has been FIXED (*really, finally, at long last, 100% fixed. it will never trouble you again.*) - WASD controls can now be used - Friendly fire disabled - Melee weapons will NEVER miss. However they break faster than before.


2FG Mobilr