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    Unlockable: Area Near Tower

    Raise Wada's Friendship to 7 Hearts or higher. In the 3rd Year, visit him to unlock the area near the Tower. Manfred will give you a random item daily. Save your game before you speak to him and reload in order to obtain Crops and Grains not yet unlocked.

    Unlockable: Characters

    To unlock the characters listed below, fulfill the corresponding requirement listed.

    • Alisa - Meet her with Nathan
    • Denny - Catch 50 fish
    • Dr. Trent - Remodel the hotel
    • Eliza - Remodel your house
    • Harvest Goddess - Make an offering in the Harvest Pond
    • Lanna - Catch 70 fish
    • Nathan - Make two offerings to the Harvest Goddess
    • Shea - Build a bridge to the jungle
    • Wada - Meet with Shea
    • Witch Princess - Build a bridge to the mountains

    Unlockable: Denny

    Catch 50 Fish to unlock Denny.

    Unlockable: Farming Crops

    • Ship 100 Spring Crops to unlock Cucumber.
    • Ship 100 Summer Crops to unlock Onions.
    • Ship 100 Autumn Crops to unlock Yams.
    • Ship 100 Wheat to unlock Cabbage.
    • Ship 100 each of 5 different crops to unlock Wheat.
    • Shipping 100 Crops from two out of three Seasons will unlock 2 Farming Characters.
    • Strawberries, Pumpkins and Spinach will be unlocked when you have unlocked 2 Farming Characters.

    Unlockable: Lanna

    Catch 70 Fish to unlock Lanna.

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