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    You landed on a hostile planet on your mission to save earth.

    Quoted from a jayisgames review:
    “e7 is lovingly understated and beautiful, from the rush of wind and light piano track that convey a simultaneous sense of isolation and hope, to the silhouetted foreground scenery overlaying a distant and imaginative landscape. The gameplay is simple, to be sure, but the central mechanic is fun to learn, tricky to master, and wholly satisfying once you’ve reigned it in. "UpdatesVersion 1.0.0
    - First game release on Kongregate

    Version 1.0.1
    - You take slightly less damage if you get caught in a laser beam for a long time
    - Sector 11G lowered enemy health a bit
    - Sector 14G bug fixed where the enemy shoots you through the ground

    Version 1.0.2
    - You take a little bit less damage from UFO’s.
    - Sector 17G bug fixed where the enemy shoots you through the ground

    Version 1.0.3
    - Sector 19G bug fixed where you can get stuck near the end

    Version 1.0.4
    - The Mute button now mutes the teleporting sound and the sound when you die as well

    Version 1.0.5
    - Fixed an Issue where you couldn’t mute the game in the first level

    Version 1.0.6
    – Difficulty adjustments on some levels

    Version 1.0.7
    – Clearer instructions from commander

    Version 1.0.8
    - Sector 16G bug fixed where you didn’t die when you run into the spikes.
    - Spikes look more dangerous from the side now

    Version 1.0.9
    - Less slowdown when you hit an enemy
    - Slightly more aircontrol
    - Removed the deathcliff in Sector 2G

    Version 1.1
    - Fixed some small bugs


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