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    run.don t.stop
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    Do you like to RUN? Do you enjoy LEAPING LARGE CHASMS? Has FLEEING HOT LAVA to ESCAPE a MYSTERIOUS PLANET always been one of your hobbies?

    If you answered YES to ONE, ANY, or NONE of those questions, you’ll still be in the SAME SITUATION: STRANDED on a PLANET with a CORE of FLAMING LAVA rising to SCALD YOUR FEET!

    How do you plan to ESCAPE this DILEMMA? NO! Don’t think about it! RUN! RUN and COLLECT and JUMP and UPGRADE until you can LAUNCH OFF THE PLANET!

    You aren’t still reading this, are you? You should be RUNNING! There is no time! No matter what, you must RUN.DON’T.STOP!
    Updates*Made a slight change to the difficulty.
    *fixed fuel sometimes regenerating during credits
    *fixed easy mode scoring
    *fixed a minor text issue in the instructions
    *added diminishing returns to skill updgrades after lvl 10 (and double jump 100%). doesn’t affect max health upgrades
    *fixed a bug with muting
    *adjusted randomness of platforms
    *distance traveled in easy mode now contributes to achievements
    *improved stat api implementation
    *speed modifiers (speed rings, lava, etc) now boost you in the direction you were traveling
    *fixed the freezing bug


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